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Use this checklist as a guide for launching your web site

Write down everything you can think of that you might want your site to include.

Estimate costs for development, domain registration, hosting and maintenance.

Estimate timelines. When do you need specific features to be available?

Research and acquire domain name(s).

Subscribe to a hosting service that will support the functionality your site will have.

Figure out if you can build it yourself and/or if you may need to hire a web developer.

If you need to hire a developer, interview several and check references.

Formalize a project plan including navigation, functionality and timelines for releases.

Develop a site maintenance plan based on functional and business requirements.

Provide your graphics and content to the developer.

Build a graphic representation of the proposed site layout (alpha draft)

Revise the alpha layout until signoff is obtained on the final alpha version.

Begin coding and testing the beta version of the site.

Solicit feedback and revise the beta site until signoff is obtained.

Launch the site!

If any part of this checklist is confusing to you, contact us and we'll help you understand each element.


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