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What are my options for Domain Names?

yourname.COM, yourname.ORG, yourname.BIZ, yourname.NET, etc. etc.

The easy part is figuring out which ending to use. Most commercial websites will use .COM, non-profit organizations will use .ORG. The hard part is finding the primary part of the domain name. Unfortunately, the internet has been around for so long that most simple names and combinations have already been registered. Don't dismay. myWebWiz can help you with some alternative ideas.

The simpler the name, the easier it is for people to remember when they are looking for your web site. Ditto for relevance. Choose a domain name that tells the world what to expect when they come to your website. It could simply be the name of your business ( or even a phrase or slogan that stands for the purpose of your site (

If you have a business, you should consider registering "" even if you don't need a web site today. You may want one in the future and if you register it now, no one else will be able to take it. Once your domain is registered, you can use it for email ( even if you don't have a web site.  myWebWiz can show you how.

Your domain name will be a critical component for your web site. It's like the SIGN on your office building. It needs to tell your visitors who you are or what you do.  Don't jump into registering your domain name without taking advantage of our FREE needs assessment. We will share our experience and help you find the best domain name options.


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