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Change is good.  It keeps your web site fresh and gives visitors a reason to come back and to tell others to visit the site or link to it.

Developing a new web site is a great accomplishment. Once your site has been launched you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

After your site goes live you will need to have a plan for keeping the content fresh, making changes and perhaps adding new functionality.

When you partner with myWebWiz your site will include a regular, periodic testing routine to verify that all links and content is working properly. If anything we developed breaks, we will be alerted and we'll fix it, probably before you even saw there was a problem.

For other changes, like changes to a site built by someone else or new functionality, we can set up a maintenance plan tailored to the frequency and complexity of your current site or project. We can bill hourly or on a project basis and we have discounted rates for existing customers.

What's included in myWebWiz's basic services?

When myWebWiz develops your web site your startup costs will include everything you need to get your site launched. From securing your domain name and hosting services to building the pages and managing the project. See our website startup checklist to learn what's included. You can find more examples on our pricing page.

What else should you consider?

Every web site is unique and you may not be able to predict everything you want the first time around. We'll help you develop a site plan that has functionality to fit your current budget. You can add or remove things later as your needs change. Keeping things simple keeps your intitial costs and your maintenance costs down.

Here's a list of features and functionality we can include with the initial website plan or that we can add whenever you need them.

•  Maintenance of an existing site
•  Custom headers and backgrounds
•  Business cards to match your site design
•  Graphics (finding, creating, editing)
•  Multi-level or graphic menus
•  Forms for collecting data
•  Shopping (single item or shopping cart)
•  Secure pages (password protected areas)
•  Intranet or Customer portal

•  Video editing and incorporating in the site
•  Photo Galleries
•  Microsites and sub-domain sites
•  Affiliate marketing integration
•  Email marketing (mailing list management)
•  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•  Analytics for traffic analysis
•  Auction support services
•  Training & Other Technical Consulting


If any of this is confusing to you, contact us and we'll help you understand each element.


Contact us today to explore your needs and see how we can help.  •  858-531-2890