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Because we are a small company, we recognize some of the challenges facing individuals and companies that want and need a professional web presence. We know that most lack the resources to adequately develop and maintain the web-based solutions that technology-savvy consumers have come to expect.

myWebWiz specializes in developing, hosting and maintaining web sites that are simple, reliable and affordable. As a general rule of thumb, the simpler the site, the less maintenance and overhead costs you can expect. Working with a partner like myWebWiz in the beginning may save you on recurring costs and give you more flexibility in making changes.

Sure, you may choose to take a DIY (do it yourself) approach and use some website building tools and templates that some hosting companies may provide. Proceed with caution if you're tempted to go that route. Make sure you understand the limitations of these tools and services. Choose a provider that gives you a broad range of options and won't tie you to their services or platform in case you want to move your site to another service provider.  When you work with myWebWiz, we develop sites and functionality that is uniquely tailored to your needs, hosted on a robust technology platform and we proactively probe our clients to determine potential future needs.

Developing a web site is an information driven, collaborative process and web site functionality will vary from project to project and as your needs change over time. Because of the variables involved, it's difficult to quote specific fees without getting a pretty good feel for the project. Still, after our FREE needs assessment, we can predict the type of hosting and maintenance services you will need. From there, you can get a pretty good feel for costs.

Take a look at the examples below. This should give you a rough idea of what things will cost. Remember, this is only a small sample and we do much more. You can get a much better estimate by taking advantage of our FREE needs assessment.

Initial Consultation
»  Consultation Meeting / Initial Needs Assessment
»  Draft a Project Plan & Cost Estimate

No Charge

Domain Name Registration & Maintenance
»  .com   »  .net   »  .org   »  .info   »  .biz

$12 - $15 / year

Web Site Hosting and Email accounts @yourdomain

$5 - $10 / month

One Page Custom Web Site
»  Static Content to get your presence on the web
»  email@yourdomain & matching press-ready business card layout

Five-Page Custom Web Site
»  Your Static Content (No database or forms)
»  Design Site Navigation
»  Design Content Layout on Pages
»  Design Style Sheets
»  Edit Graphics as necessary (Yours)
»  Incorporate Site Graphics and Content (Yours)
»  Provide mockups for client collaboration during pre-launch
»  Define Ongoing Maintenance Plan to suit client needs
»  Launch site once approved

$250 - $1,495 avg

Additional Content Pages


Custom Graphics, Flash, Database, Ecommerce,
Secure Pages, Analytics, SEO, etc.


Routine Site Maintenance (existing pages, site I built)


(rates subject to change depending on specific functionality requested)

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