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Overview:  A small business owner wanted to add functionality to their existing web site and they needed quicker turnaround time than their current web services provider could give them. myWebWiz provides site maintenance and same day service for most of their needs.

"Deb is our "Web Wiz". I can’t say enough good things about her help with My Perfect Pet. I will be happy to speak with any potential customer about her expertise, attention to detail, creativity, turnaround time, commitment to customer success, etc., from a very picky customer who couldn’t be any happier. I only wished we’d connected much sooner!!! "
--- Karen Scoggins, CEO

Overview:  A small business owner needed a web site to support their new fitness facility for dogs. myWebWiz developed their website and provides ongoing website maintenance.

"We really appreciate Deb's time, talent and expertise! She has been a pleasure to work with and we've received only great feedback about our website!"
--- Michelle Howard, Founder and President

Overview:  This feature-rich site for a non-profit organization requires daily maintenance and has a corresponding private intranet. Functionality includes email, forms, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, content management, web site analytics, and more.

"Bichon FurKids needed a webmaster to manage the daily changes required for our web site. In addition we needed someone who could add functionality that would enhance the site -- and our ability to promote our rescued dogs. That included email marketing, the addition of video and an understanding of analytics.
Deb at myWebWiz was extremely responsive to our needs, developed our intranet and eCommerce capabilities and anticipated, in advance, how she could assist us. myWebWiz manages our site proactively and economically – and has helped Bichon FurKids develop an infrastructure that serves us well every day."
--- Marti Colwell, Founder

Overview:  A new on-profit breed rescue group needed a way to publish their forms, integrate their available pets with Petfinder and process credit card donations.

"Deb's passion for bichons and her background in technology was ideal in helping us find a hosting email provider and a web site content management system that allows us to maintain our changes without hefty website fees. The solution was up and running quickly and we can now train our volunteers to do routine website maintenance."
--- Buffy Schnurbusch, Founder

Overview:  A national dog breed club needed to overhaul their old websites and move them to a more universal code base. They also needed a reliable resource for routine maintenance.
Their solution includes standardized backend code that works on all the mainstream browsers and operating systems, including mobile devices. It also includes forms, fillable PDF's and shopping features. MyWebWiz provides routine maintenance as well as new features and content upon client request.

"Deb was recommended to the Bichon Frise Club of America by several bichon owners and clubs.  We began using her to maintain our existing sites and quickly learned that our old code base was time consuming and riddled with inefficiencies.  Deb took ownership of the challenge and designed and built our new sites, while keeping our old sites functional.  Now that the new sites are live, site maintenance is less time consuming and feedback from our members is overwhelmingly positive.  I highly recommend Deb and myWebWiz for anyone that needs a new website, an overhaul of an existing one or just help maintaining a site.  She is easy to work with and she delivers!"
--- Lisa DesCamps, BFCA Board Member

Overview:  A non-profit group had a web site in need of a major overhaul and some new functionality. Their new site now includes a secure "member's only" area as well as ecommerce and meeting integration.

"We have a impressive website thanks to Deb and myWebWiz. After asking a few questions, Deb was able to take information from various members of our group and develop a website of which the San Diego Bichon Frise Club is very proud. When we undertook a fund-raising project, Deb was able to work with someone whom she had never met and lived in a different state, and together they linked both Paypal and the second site to simplify the order placement and payment of our new product. She needs little guidance and is extremely easy to work with."
--- Diana McFarlane, President

Overview:  A mobile pet groomer wanted a web site to convey her services, hours, policies, and examples of her work. In addition to those items, her solution included securing similar domains to protect her business name, managing multiple email accounts, slideshows, a virtual video tour of her business, matching business cards and more.

"After 25+ years having a successful traditional grooming salon, I decided to go mobile. I learned about Deb through my dog world contacts and during our initial consultation, I could tell she was going to be great to work with. She's got a "let's get it done" attitude and will guide you through the process without you becoming overwhelmed by the details. Even before my website was ready, she had a temporary page and business cards done so that I could focus on my new business while she focused on the website details. She responds quickly and makes changes within hours whenever I need them. Her reasonable rates and all inclusive development and maintenance model works well for non-techies like me!"
--- Melody Michel, Owner

Overview:  A small business owner wanted a web site to convey their business hours, types of services, pricing and examples of their work. Their site includes email accounts at the business domain, directions to the business and search engine listings.

"I like to keep my business as simple as possible, but my clients often ask me if I have a website. Dogs and cats are like children to thier owners and they want to know more about who is taking care of them. myWebWiz created a web site that lets me describe my business services and my team. Now that this information is on the web, people can often get answers to their questions without having to call us. This saves everyone time. They can see what services we offer, review pricing, get directions and see examples of our work. Our website tells it all.
I am so excited to finally be on line. I highly recommend Deb and myWebWiz to any business who needs web services and support. "
--- Terry Richman, Owner

Overview:  A dog breeder needed a way to pictorialize her champions and convey her breeding credentials, philosophy and contact information. Her myWebWiz solution includes email accounts at her domain, slide shows of her dogs, information about her background and accomplishments and business cards that match her website.

"I did not have the time or expertise to reasearch what it was going to take to get a website up and running for my kennel, yet I knew it was critical to be "on the web". I needed a website that would give people answers to their most frequently asked questions, primarily, information about my Champions, their pedigrees and my breeding philosophy and background. I met Deb through mutual contacts in the dog world and it was clear that she not only could provide me with an inexpensive turnkey solution, she would be there to maintain it when I had changes. All I had to do was feed her the content and agree on the key pages I needed and she had it done very quickly. The awesome business cards were a huge bonus. It ties everything together. Whenever I need changes, I send her an email, and it's done. I couldn't be happier and Deb is a gem to work with!"
--- Sharon Hunkins, Bichon Frise AKC Breeder of Merit

Overview:  A dog breeder needed a way to convey her breeding credentials, provide contact information and collect data from prospective puppy applicants. Her myWebWiz solution includes the website, email accounts at her domain, a form that collects data and routes it to email and also business cards that match her website.

"We met Deb at a Bichon Club meeting and had seen the web sites she had done for the bichon clubs and rescue groups.  When it came time to produce our own web site, choosing Deb as our Web Wiz was a no-brainer.  She is easy to work with and gets things done with very little direction.  Doing our business cards was a nice bonus!  We highly recommend myWebWiz for a wide variety of technology services."
--- Linda Rowe and Diana McFarlane, Principals

Overview:  An up and coming actress needed a website to serve as a portfolio of her accomplishments. Her solution includes her theatrical resume, professional photos, biography and audio clips of her music.

"I cannot speak more highly of Deb at myWebWiz. Her knowledge and willingness to create anything and everything I needed for my site was invaluable. I needed a dedicated, welcoming, and professional designer and host to create a site to provide potential employers with information about myself and that is exactly what I got. There is no question I would refer Deb at myWebWiz to my peers and colleagues."
--- Ashleigh Moore

Overview:  A hair designer wanted a simple, affordable way to secure his domain name and create a very simple web presence. His myWebWiz solution includes email accounts at his domain, directions to his business, matching business cards and search engine listings.

"When people asked me about my business or how to contact me, they expected me to give them a web site or email address that was easy for them to remember. In the past, they'd just look me up in the phone book. I realized it was time to bite the bullet and get a web site up, but in this economy I was afraid that I didn't have the time or money to get it done, so, I kept putting it off.
Then I met myWebWiz and before I knew it, my web site was done! My needs were simple so I'm sure that helped. Working with Deb on my web site has been a very smooth and affordable experience. Deb truly is a "Wiz" at this stuff and I would highly recommend myWebWiz for your web projects."
--- Marc Idioma, Hair Designer

Overview:  An entrepreneur wanted to secure a domain name and create a simple web site to facilitate sales for an e-book he wanted to promote.

"I had an idea for promoting an e-book but I had no idea how to make the technical stuff happen. I knew I didn't want to make a big investment just in case my idea didn't pan out. Deb was able to provide me with a solution, virtually overnight, and for a minimal investment. Now I'm searching for similar products where I can replicate this formula. I don't spend any time thinking about the technical stuff. After meeting myWebWiz, I was confident in their capabilities. My web site is on auto-pilot thanks to myWebWiz."
--- Site owner prefers to remain anonymous

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